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The time that you spend with your forum is incredibly precious. Everyone in the group has a business to run; consequently, there is never enough time for family and friends, let alone personal time. I'm passionate about maximizing the value of your time to help you breakthrough, transform your life, and to help you truly be an entrepreneur that transforms the world.

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Downloadable Resources

Download the 5% Update Form (PDF): The 5% Update Form is based on work that Alana has been doing for the past 8 years, helping forums and individuals focus their lives, and achieve transformational growth. Taking the time to really sit down, think deeply, and fill in this form will:

  • Force you to focus your mind on what is truly important in your life.
  • Allow you to grow, both from your own introspection and from the invaluable feedback you receive from your Forum colleagues.

Updated Exercise Explained: Step-by-Step instructions for how to use this simple tool to transform your life. Learn the three gifts of the updates and how to use them to build connections with others and deep levels of self-awareness.

Download Goal Setting Worksheet (PDF): Work Alana has done with goal setting workshops. She works with people to turn their vision into reality. She teaches taking your dreams and making them into actionable plans. Here's a step-by-step worksheet in this powerful program. 

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Additional resources for your forum and retreat


Stiletto Spy School and MI6--Alana's other companies--can both become tremendous resources for both Forums and Corporate retreat members. Transformative programs can be combined with entire SSS and MI6 programs (or customized programs tailored for any requirement) to provide a powerful experience that reinforces the Transformative curriculum.